Interaction with Speakers

April 3,2017

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books!

The interaction session between the dignitaries was a treat for the eyes. Moderated by Lalit Masta, few questions like “Where to invest? In marketing or in products?” were put before the panel.

“One has to be intuitive. Competition is not an issue. Your value proportions are what matters. Make a level playing field at some point of time,” answered Pankaj Thakkar. On being asked, “If overtaking a segment is right?” Mr. Abhijeet Kumar said, “Well, It depends on passion. It depends on what you like to do actually.”

On the issue of regulation of spending on marketing, Manish Maheshwari had to say, “It depends on what stage the start-up is in. Marketing enters when you have to widen your base. Focus on the product before marketing.” Mr Manish Rohtagi was of the opinion that marketing should be done only after proper validation of the product and only after it is ready. “No product is perfect,” interfered Amol Chaphekar, “Come up with ideas in the process of development.”

“Team is 80% of the start-up. Investors will only get you so far,” opined Dr Kumar. He was sided by Pankaj Thakar with, “Spending money on marketing for the first few years is criminal! Spend money on ads after earning.” “Spend according to your pockets!” was the golden secret of Amol Chaphekar which brought the session to an impressive conclusion.


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