Speaker Talk - Vineet Singh

April 3,2017

“India is pacing rapidly toward making DIGITAL INDIA yet the card usage in India is still very low” says Vineet Singh, CBO of a Mobikwik facilitating online recharge and bill payment. He lucidly highlighted the demerit of using cash and termed it as ‘’cost of cash”. Even in today’s generation where banks resides only a mile away far, people still prefer to keep their money at home where they gain no interest at all. Moreover insecurities are also very high

Transaction balance while buying goods also carry the hallmark of cost of cash. People feel very convenient on using ATM cards without them knowing about all the accumulated charges. Damaged and counterfeit notes are another major problem of using cash.

Keeping all these limitations in mind mobikwik introduces various digital form in compensations of cost of cash and aims at making India a digital India.” now people need not have to fuss over looking for swiping machines in their area” says Vineet Singh introducing their recent launch of digital wallets which undoubtedly surpass all the cons of thick wallet .Apart from advocating the banner of digital India these company has also collaborated with mgullack a Pune based NGO in they encourage the villagers to collect considerable amount of money and once it reaches the maximum amount they transfer it to their bank account


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