Speaker Talk - Aman Kumar and Ranodeep Saha

April 3,2017

Failure is a part of innovation—perhaps the most important part

Day 2 started with talks from two young entrepreneurs who, still in their college days, have already established start ups that have done very well. The Guest Speakers of the day were Aman Kumar and Ranodeep Saha. After being felicitated with bouquets and khadas, they had a heart to heart talk with the audience about their life and how they came up to be where they are now.

Aman Kumar, the Co-Founder of Teeshood was our first speaker. He shared his success story by revealing the fact that his days as an Entrepreneur started all the way back in class 6, making name printed jerseys for his friends. When in College he successfully spread his T shirts throughout the whole of college steadily, his start-up career started blossoming eventually.

Ranodeep Saha, the second speaker, is a 3rd year B Tech student from WBUT, the founder of Rare Planet which is responsible for branding the Indian handicrafts. Much like Aman Kumar, he found his hopes in his business laying emphasis on the 3 things – Passion, Hard work and Faith. Even though he hadn’t participated in any business or pitching competitions, he managed to succeed to the position where he is now through dedication and belief in his idea.

Both the speakers ultimately brought out a similar solution to all the problems people face in their day-to-day lives, saying– “Never lose hope!” Indeed, believing in ourselves, remembering that every dark cloud has its silver lining, we should learn from all the rights and the wrongs we face and sometimes, all we need to do is look at things from different angles and there will always be a door for us – our guests are the living proof for this.

So, you decide! Do you take that 9 to 5 job so conveniently offered to you with a very familiar scent about it, or do you truly venture out to the unknown, put on that extremely itchy looking overall and head down the road not many take to whip up a neat new blend!!


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