April 2,2017

“The purpose of a quiz is not to shame or embarrass anyone, but to make sure that everyone is on the same page.”

Sparing a thought for the knowledge seekers, the Entrepreneurs’ Meet team had organised a Business Quiz on the very first evening. With 6 teams of 2 members each who had managed to make through the prelims, the quiz had participants from SMIT, TNA, CAEPHT and ATTC School.

Questions from a variegated range of fields from mobile phones, brands, celebrity endorsement, cricket, Hollywood, Silicon Valley were thrown both to the audience and the ones facing the hot seat.

The audience were given chocolates for answering. Indeed, it was a very beautiful way sharpen our skills and knowledge on the business world and its affairs. After the couple of hours, each of us surely emerged out to be a more knowledgeable person. The results are to be declared on the final day.

So, you decide! Do you take that 9 to 5 job so conveniently offered to you with a very familiar scent about it, or do you truly venture out to the unknown, put on that extremely itchy looking overall and head down the road not many take to whip up a neat new blend!!


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