Day1-Panel Discussion

April 2,2017

Keep on going, and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you least expecting it. I never heard of anyone stumbling upon something sitting down.-Charles F. Kettering

The features panelists were:

  • 1. Abhijeet Kumar - Co- Founder of “ah! Ventures”
  • 2. Amol Chapekar - Investor
  • 3. Manish Rahtogi - VP, Hero Cycles
  • 4. Krishna Singh – VP, Flipkart

The second panel discussion for “Entrepreneurs Meet” saw the mentioned panelists discuss entrepreneurship in context to “The Road Not Taken”.

Mr. Kumar, who started the discussion was all about the experience of being involved in a startup trumping any regular job by 100 times. He mentioned that at present, the ecosystem on which startups thrives has become stronger which opens up a vault of opportunities to make for a more exciting work-portfolio. He made an important point that “failure is an achievement”, and with the right team, profit and gain is the only road ahead.

Mr. Chapekar had an interesting philosophy. Money does not make people great, but it’s the people with a vision and an undeniable sense of passion that leave a mark. In the five minutes of speech that he made, he spotted two problems, apart from Tourism, which could be ventured into. To drive his point forward, in the venue itself, he noted the “Ac efficiency problem” and “The echo problem”, both with feasible solutions. Risks, he said, is a fear that every startup faces. But it’s the risk-takers who really make it to the top!

According to Mr.Rohtagi, it’s the mindset that makes the cut for you. Having an idea and working towards it, is what helps connect the dots. It’s the desire to try something new, the confidence to start on your own that pushes you forward, makes a reality out of all those dots you just connected.

Lastly, Krishanu Seal did away with all the sagely advices and left it at our own disposal to be discovered. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is where one can really start discovering things. Take non-existence and doubts and turn them into something tangible. It’s the vision which empowers you, not the idea of “pots of money” or “cushiony safe rides”.

So, you decide! Do you take that 9 to 5 job so conveniently offered to you with a very familiar scent about it, or do you truly venture out to the unknown, put on that extremely itchy looking overall and head down the road not many take to whip up a neat new blend!!


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