Speaker Talk - Pankaj Thakar

April 2,2017

Entrepreneurship is like an explorer setting out on the voyage of the unknown.

“Harvard defines entrepreneurship as the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled,” began the founder of PAD-UP Ventures, Pankaj Thakkar.

Referring our hostel lives to be a no-money-much-fun resource controlled affair; he explained true pursuit was emphasis on innovation and creativity. One had to be opportunistic and persuasive in the quest of entrepreneurship.

“Begin with a set of limited means and allow goals to emerge over time,” he quoted, justifying the varied imagination and diverse aspirations of founders of his like.

Addressing our inner fears he said that prediction of the future is not our need, instead we should work for the present. To college toddlers like us, he advised us to use the might of the pen, suggesting writing, publishing papers and finding real projects to be a proper step in his field.

Mr Thakkar being a non-believer in hoaxes, said, “If you haven’t experienced it, it isn’t there!” Instead he advised at getting the product made first. Teamwork and originality were things to be used at our own advantage.

Citing on the role of mentors, he said that they are like catalysts who help in making money out of business, they help build the ecosystem- “You don’t need a business plan. Don’t ask for valuation. Ask for money.”

A lone soldier can never win a war.

Beaming with professionalism he said, “No revenue- and your start-up will die.” He asked us to get out of the building, to push our limits, to be original, research the idea and build it!


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