Deliberation of Local Entrepreneurs

April 4,2017

“Successful entrepreneurs aren’t those who are making money! They are those who provide a new board on the street and those who looked at innovative ways to solve problems that nobody thought about!

The deliberation of Sikkim’s local entrepreneurs which was moderated by Mr. NIrmal Mangar spanned an interesting panel of Sikkim’s best. Mr. Sonam Wangchuk who undoubtedly was the highlight of the deliberation specified the importance of a stronger political and financial ecosystem and breaking out from the colonial hangover. He stated quite staunchly that “failure should be admired” and effort in itself is a virtue to possess. Mr. Yogen Tamang reiterating with his predecessor also had the opinion of breaking the stereotype and not to follow the path laid down in front of you. He was in fact a prime example of someone who had a plan neatly drawn out for him and yet his passion ultimately took the ticket when he started “Sikkim Chronicles”. Mr. Jerry Basi introduced to us the notion of what government service is about or should be about which is definitely not money but more importantly it’s the “service”. “The spirit of entrepreneurship is adventure” and rightfully so! If two months into a startup and you don’t love what you do enough to take it further, you must probably be lacking in that “spirit” just mentioned! And talking about spirit, for many, they find it in their humble abode itself. Miss Devika, Founder of Fridgity Fingers, owes her spectacular managerial skills to her mother and to quote her own words, ”you can be a woman who can manage her home and her money quite well”.

Then there were those who could readily do with a service in their youth, but having felt a pinch, decided to eradicate the lack thereof! Accelerator Magazine, which was founded by couple Bhupendra and Pragya have provided a praiseworthy method of guidance for students who could always do with a little extra bit of help. And really who wouldn’t want to help put a crown on top of a woman’s head with an attractive dose of “positive attitude”. And that’s why Gurima Bhutia with an old friend founded “POSITUDE” and introduced Sikkim to the world of Glamour! Taste Buds, founded by Choden Bhutia, cater to our taste buds with her sumptuous home-made chocolates. Polishing up her skills and putting them into play has now turned her into a successful entrepreneur. And isn’t that what a startup is all about? Providing good quality service by taking risks, taking a chance, being bigger than failure and making it work in this extremely competitive and status-oriented society! To quote Sonam Wangchuk, “Even making to a comfortable position and stopping is admirable as more then is just greed.”

In the deliberation today, not only were we introduced to some of Sikkim’s budding entrepreneurs but also there were invitations extended by investors and ideas shared by major venture artists to all of Sikkim’s new and old entrepreneurs to shake hands and join the ecosystem.

“No company is too big or too small and no idea too innovative or too mainstream! The driving force behind any is always passion. If passion is where you start, then only passion is where you should end!“


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