Speaker Talk - Dekyi Gyatso and Reena Rai

April 4,2017

"The hands that rocks the cradle can rule the world" these aphorism have been surely proved true by many eminient women personalities who have come a long way to gain equal rights to their male counterparts .Today among these million inspiring ladies we are privileged to have the presence of Sikkim’s women entreperneurs,Reena Rai and Dekyi Yanchen D. Gyatso.

Despite the steep clime in the entrepreneurial world of a male dominated society they left no stone unturned to reach till the top.

Sikkim is always known for its mesmerizing nature's beauty, the beauty is not only the sole glittery glimes in the eyes of beholder but is also a provider for initiative mind like Rena rai who has been using the red clay enriched with iron as an resource in her business and has named her business after its ore ,"studio maato"(handmade product and pottery).The connection of ancestral roots is what bring out the best body of the pot from the clay of kittam hills. Hence making the job more of a bliss . These business has also provide a lot of doors for unemployed woman as it emphasis more on a handmade product. Reena Rai has been training young girls in these occupations and is also motivating them to reach out and spread their wings.

Another panelist Dekyi Yanchen motivated the crowd especially women on how they can roar while carrying the meek status in the society. she highlighted how secure and fulfilling govt. jobs are but one is simple retarding in these field as they acquaint with no regular challenges which makes the life tedious and one can only expect downfall instead of progress.Futhermore she also assured the crowd on how woman should inculcate a fierce attitude carrying a bag of confidence with all right incredience of humanity and integrity will never let the subject of gender bias penetrate ones body and make them frail. lastly she ended with a note saying, “a passionate mind and a determined soul is the only need for all the business startup".


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