Speaker Talk - Manish Maheshwari

April 4,2017

The gift of nature to this beautiful state of Sikkim never goes unnoticed by its visitors. Mr Maheshwari was no exception. Starting his speech in the local language of Nepali, he chose to quote Einstein, “education is the life-long process of learning.” Hailin from the sand-filled state of Rajasthan, his love for learning was an inheritance from his dad.

“You are the best judge of your potentials; listen to others but always do what is best for you,” said the man who had seen the world. Being a resident of a region still deprived of the light of learning, Mr Maheshwari knew hardship to the roots. His own personal challenges had made him have a soft corner for the backward classes. “When people say you can’t do something, it reflects their own limitation!” he added, expressing his love for visiting colleges and travelling miles to meet students who could dream. “You should push your boundaries. You have one life, don’t take an ordinary part!” he said enthusiastically.

To the ones who still could not fight their fears, he quoted Richard Branson, “Do ont get embarrassed by your failure. Learn from them to start again.” His own life had been a reflection of these lines when a year back he had joined the media industry with no clue about its functioning.

A lover of mankind, he advised his audience to contribute to the society and have a larger than lifer goal.

“Always be proud of who you are..your identity. Never feel embarrassed. Love your culture, love your parents,” he signed off, leaving the audience mesmerised.


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