Speaker Talk - Vibhore Sharma

April 3,2017

Sharing the invincible tale of the foundation of Naukri.com, Mr Vibhore Sharma began, “I am neither the founder nor the cofounder but have been with them for 16 years.” Naukri.com started in 1997 and its journey from a garage to the zenith of media and its story waited to inspire us. In 1999 with a bang in the ICICI venture, with 7.2 crore, the team got in place to hire people.

Talking of his ventures, he said that their team had faced mainly two basic problems- firstly, many people aren’t accessed to the network and secondly, people have no access to jobs. In 2001, they received funding: the idea was to hire more people and keeping up with their ideals, in the next four months, they had 40,000 resumes and over 7.5 lakh CVs got partnered with clients who helped build better products. Suggesting the essentiality of teamwork, he added that with his team ready on their toes, currently they had 49 CVs in hand.

Thus he concluded his story with expectations of his audience to learn from his experience. Consistency, teamwork and a concrete aspiration towards the goal was the call of the hour to conquer entrepreneurship.


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