Panel Discussion

April 3,2017


If one wants to establish a firm connect between E-commerce and the retail market, then we can say that the offline market is here to stay but so are the online markets, or is it not?

The next Panel discussion hosted by ENTREPERNEUR’S MEET’17 on APRIL 3, 2017 was on the topic “ONLINE OR OFFLINE WHICH START-UP IS BETTER? ”.

The discussion was aimed at bringing in experts from different areas related to entrepreneurship on a common platform. The panel consisted of the following members:

  • 1. Vibhor Sharma, CTO,
  • 2. Abhijeet Kumar, Co Founder, ah!Ventures
  • 3. Dr. Kumar Padmanabh, Lead Scientist, Robert Bosch
  • 4. Amol Chaphekar, Investor

Today, the market is replete with choices. Start-ups have to negotiate a highly competitive environment. Therefore the need to reach a wider audience becomes all the more imperative for them. Some of these interesting perspectives were brought in the discussion. They discussed the importance of bringing in the right product fit before focusing on marketing. Two of the biggest concerns start-ups have are marketing their products and hiring the right talent. Start-ups today need to look at innovative ways to capture the attention of their target audience. The panel of entrepreneurs said that it has become essential for start-ups today to create a good product. They said that with the growing number of products and applications in the market this becomes all the more pertinent.

The discussion came to an end with all the panellists having one common point to highlight “ It is important to leverage your product before focussing on marketing or promotions. This is essential because if you put out a half-baked product then the customer simply doesn't come back.”


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